:  Chris Sadler 

Vice President:  Matt Sadler 
Secretary/Treasurer:  Mic Sadler 
Board Member:  Denise Deimler 
Board Member: Abby Childers
Board Member:  Thom Kautz
Board Member: Ericka Wilcher 
Consultant:  Diane Sadler 
Consultant:  Mike Sadler

trisha's story

 Trisha Sadler was a beloved daughter, grand daughter, sister, niece, aunt, cousin and friend. She was born in Pusan, South Korea.  By God's grace she joined the Sadler family at age 4, inheriting the love of her adoring parents and 3 older brothers.  She grew up in both Pennsylvania and Kentucky and is dearly missed by so many family and friends.  She was successfully employed at Wells Fargo in Bethlehem, PA. where her co-workers were blessed by her outgoing personality.  Her radiant spirit beamed with the hopefulness of youth, her quirky sense of humor and warm smile left a lasting impression upon everyone she met.  Though her departure from this earth was untimely at age 29, we know her eternal presence is part of God's plan and we find peace in knowing that she is with Him.

"closed doors"

by: Ty Wit and Drew Breezy

Trisha's friends Ty Wit and Drew Breezy were moved to create the song and video "Closed Doors" following Trisha's death.  Their musical expression of domestic violence awareness is a special tribute to Trisha and a strong message to the reality of this unspoken crime in our society.  Great work Ty & Drew.

about the foundation

The Trisha A Sadler Foundation is a non-profit organization working against the spread of domestic violence. Our mission is to create awareness, provide education and create a dialog with in our communities to foster a society clear of domestic violence. 

On June 17th, 2011 the Sadler family lost their daughter and sister, Trisha A Sadler, to domestic violence.

In response to this tragic event Trisha’s three older brothers, Chris, Mic and Matthew Sadler founded the Trisha A Sadler foundation in honor of Trisha’s life and to financially contribute to the local establishments in support of domestic violence victims. 

The family has also established a memorial scholarship for high school seniors who have participated in school or community programs that focus on peer bullying, abusive relation issues and/or related social responsibility activities.  Through the application process for the scholarship, applicants are challenged to share their experiences and their perspective on how our society can create a culture to end domestic violence.